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SAFARI IN UGANDA: On gorilla territory.

Coming eye to eye with a two hundred kilogram gorilla that has just opened its cavernous mouth to expose long, yellow, pointed canines is enough for anyone to turn tail and run. I almost do. Intelligent hazel-brown eyes stare at … Continue reading

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Security concern in airport.

The drastic monstrous air crime is known as “hijacking”. The word became more common after 9/11 incident. However, historical records suggest that such threats sowed on 21st February 1931. This was the first officially registered hijacking moment. So, ever where … Continue reading

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Quiet supersonic service.

A new era of aviation is knocking the door and may enter at any point of time when we would measure speed in quantum in our daily life. It is neither a fairytale nor a science fiction story. It is … Continue reading

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Tips for getting to and from airports in Asia.

When planning your trip to Asia, do consider how you will get to and from the airport to your final destination. Asian airports and transportation infrastructure vary greatly from city to city, and from country to country. While you might … Continue reading

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Flying with a seniors.

Flying with a senior citizen need not be avoided. With a little planning and preparation, the entire flight and trip can be a breeze. Before setting off, it is a good idea to visit your family doctor for a full … Continue reading

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Tips for women traveling alone in Asia.

Many of the inconveniences or annoyances experienced by women traveling alone are simply the result of misunderstanding. Women traveling alone in Asia can protect herself from unwanted inconveniences and annoyances by taking certain proactive measures, and paying some respect to … Continue reading

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Niagara Fallsview Resort

Niagara, the word may be reminding you a famous Marilyn Monroe film which was released in the year 1953. Besides that there are lots of other stuffs that may compel you to visit this untamed site at least once in … Continue reading

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Vail resort.

We human have created a word ‘heaven’ and the amazing fact is, “the term ‘heaven’ exists everywhere in all languages and geographical regions”. Our ultimate endeavor is to attain and establish the ideal concept of ‘heaven’. We are continuously developing … Continue reading

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ZANZIBAR: Pleasure island.

The small five-seat plane carrying me to the Zanzibar archipelago dips alarmingly to its right, and then its left, in a random pattern that thrills me by its consistency. I’ve always been a fan of wild rides, and sitting in … Continue reading

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World Capitals

Capitals of all countries on the planet Earth. Continue reading

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