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Lufthansa profits due to the recovery of demand and efforts to reduce costs

Operating profit Deutsche Lufthansa AG for the second quarter of the current fiscal year amounted to 159 million euros, three times more than the second quarter of the previous year. Decisive role in obtaining a positive result played recovery of … Continue reading

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The airline Lufthansa is a leader among foreign airlines in the CIS, offering over 200 flights per week from 17 cities in the CIS (Almaty, Ashgabat, Astana, Baku, Donetsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Kiev, Lvov, Minsk, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Rostov- on-Don, … Continue reading

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Airline Lufthansa promotes its on-line service

There is a pleasant surprise is awaiting passengers while registering on-line Registered on the Lufthansa flight by a Russian website, along with a passenger boarding pass will receive a voucher (promo code *) at a discount of 800 rubles for … Continue reading

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Lufthansa is now known as the best airline in Europe

Award World Airline Award 2010 was awarded the best European airlines 18 million passengers from more than 100 countries over the past months have participated in the largest in the aviation industry world-wide survey and Lufthansa have chosen the best … Continue reading

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Lufthansa offer new flights to Bogota and Baghdad

Further expansion of the global network of routes Lufthansa Lufthansa increases number of flights to the South American area. With the entry into force on 31 October the winter schedule 2010/2011 airline will resume flights to the capital of Colombia … Continue reading

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The “Comfort” of the business class flight in Russia

Comfort in the air begins with comfort on the ground – from the moment of checking-in at the airport and then, while waiting for the boarding of the aircraft. That is where the wonders of business class service begin.  However … Continue reading

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Recommendations for overcoming fear of flying

Most importantly, realize that fear is a normal human reaction to a stressful situation. For those who fly less frequently 3eh yearly flight – serious stress. Those who spend time in flight often experience less stress. The second reason is … Continue reading

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Family vacation ideas in Europe.

Here are some interesting family vacation ideas in Europe you can consider for your next vacation: Themed parks are a hot vacation spots for families, especially with older children and teenagers. Theme parks may be synonymous with Disney for most … Continue reading

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Security concern in airport.

The drastic monstrous air crime is known as “hijacking”. The word became more common after 9/11 incident. However, historical records suggest that such threats sowed on 21st February 1931. This was the first officially registered hijacking moment. So, ever where … Continue reading

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Quiet supersonic service.

A new era of aviation is knocking the door and may enter at any point of time when we would measure speed in quantum in our daily life. It is neither a fairytale nor a science fiction story. It is … Continue reading

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