France – a country surrounded by love and romantic mood. Country, where were born and grew up generations of people who significantly influenced the course of world’s history and culture. France is a country, redolent with hundreds of pleasant aromas and bright lines of blooming orchards. France is also the homeland of brandy and gourmet dishes. The atmosphere of tenderness, calm and appeasement surrounds French streets. The most famous fashion shows are held in France, and the best couturiers of the world never get tired creating fascination for this magical country. You will never be able to learn everything about France from books. France can’t be covered within a week, month and even a year. France fascinates with her mysterious charm, she makes you want to dream. Weather in France is predictable, there are no abrupt changes in temperature, the climate is warm.

It is impossible to list all the attractions of France. Perhaps there are more of them here than anywhere else on earth. Nobody else cares as much about their architectural heritage, like the French. French lakes flooded with dense fog, quiet and snowy Alpes, gentle sun on the green meadows – all of it calls for you, ready to share the secrets of many centuries.

French cities live their noisy and active lives, especially the capital. Therefore tours to Paris are so popular among young people. However when paying attention to all tourists coming from the different parts of the world, it is easy to notice people of all ages. Cathedrals, museums and theaters is that one France that poets write poetry, artists draw paintings and actors play the scenes about. Vacation in France will present you with lots of emotions and will help understand the meaning of human existence. Here, every day new life resides. Without a doubt, tourism in France is thriving because it is one of the most visited countries of the world.

French are the people who are used to surround themselves with grace and beauty. Even all holidays are treated as important events, organization of which takes lots of time and effort. New Year in France is certainly one of the most important holidays. On this day, Santa Claus arrives to homes on the donkey, and climb onto the roof, entering in a chimney pipe penetrates inside the home. He puts all of the gifts in to the shoes that children carefully hang before his appearance. People are preparing a holiday dinner, serve table wine, wild roasted bird, salads, cookies and candy. On the holiday residents gather on the holiday revenyon (dinner), catered by restaurants and cafés of Paris and other cities of France. For French, New Year is primarily a religious holiday, meaning awareness of the importance of the birth of Christ.

Tour operator in France will help in choosing the city of your dreams. He is like a magician will carry you into the world of incredible. With your own eyes you’ll see those places that bewitch and penetrate deep into the soul. French hotels will do anything to provide you with comfort of your home. Variety of services will be presented to your attention.

Numerous resorts of France every year warmly greet all of the travelers. The Côte d’Azur is considered the most famous place for recreation in France, with such well-known cities as Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, Monte Carlo, CAP FERRAT, Ez-Vilazh and Juan Le Pen. If life-giving air Alps attracts you much more than sunny beaches and emerald sea, then you must visit French ski resorts such as Avoriaz, Morzin, Brid Le Ben, Val Torans, Courchevel, Tin, Chamonix. Cristal clean air of the mountains, mysterious calm environment of nature, dazzling white snow attracts snowboarders from around the world. If you are interested in the Alps, and you’d like for some time to get away from the civilization, then order ski tours to France, maybe this really is what you have lacked for so long! Departing in bus tour to France, you can get to see all little known but very interesting places, which you most likely won’t visit on your own.

Visa to France usually arranged within 2-3 days. For that you will need to present: valid travel passport , one picture 3 x 4, internal passport, insurance policy, bulletin from work.

Tour to France – is another opportunity to take a look at the heart of this place and realize that what you have seen was the most beautiful experience in your life.France

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