Tips to save money on your next International Flight

Everyone knows how to buy an expensive plane ticket but only a few may know how to buy it cheaper. Savings on the airfare can be quite good – up to two thirds of the cost. If the employees of the company are flying frequently, following a number of rules will help to save companies money.

• Buy tickets in advance. Price ticket changes periodically up or down. For example, you may find that you have paid almost twice as much for an equivalent position in the cabin, and all just because buying is not there at the wrong time. Each airline has its own system of calculation adopted by the ticket price, depending on the season, various cultural events and other factors. Any of these items adds a few percent of the likely cost of transportation. The cheapest tickets are as soon as they go on sale.

• Buy tickets on-line. Many airlines offer special rates just for those who prefer to buy tickets via the Internet. For example, in Russia such services are provided by S7, SkyExpress and some local carriers.

• If possible, fly local airlines. If you are traveling long distances, then buy tickets to agencies that cooperate with local airlines.

• Try charter. If you do not have anything against the charter flights, it is better to make a choice in their favor. As you know, prices for charter flights is lower than for regular.

• Use budget airlines. Airline operators, discounters only willing to work on the Russian market in full force. So far we have only one such company – SkyExpress, which started in December 2006.

• Do not miss the special offers. For example, “Aeroflot” twice a year for special promotions and offers tickets for domestic flights for 1,900 rubles.

Naturally, all airlines usually have a number of conditions and restrictions. For example, the departure time must be implemented in a certain period of time.

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